“Religion”… SMH (episode 49) SLAVE SERMONS by Jeremiah Camara

PROPERTY OF Jeremiah Camara


There are mainly five reasons people cling to their faith. The first reason is Fear. Religion indoctrinates people with the idea that they will be punished for rejecting their god. They are also afraid of the criticism they will get from friends and family. Essentially, people are afraid not to go to church. The second reason is Pride. No one wants to admit that they were wrong or in the dark or misinformed, especially about something they’ve clung to for so long. Pride prevents people from admitting that they’ve waisted much time, energy and money over the years on something that they know is fallacious and nonsensical. The third thing has to do with Separation Anxiety. People tend to get S.A. from being away from their church, church members and pastor. They miss the fellowshipping and are not sure what to do with their Sundays. The fourth reason is because people often experience a God Void. Whom or what will I worship and obey now many people ask. Some people need a god to serve because it gives them a false feeling of protection and security. The fifth thing is that people develop a sense of Betrayal. Perhaps their close family member was a minister. Often a cherished grandparent raised them to “love the lord” and after coming into knowledge, they feel a sense of guilt. Eventually, however, one has to come to an acceptance that their belief is primitive, lacks historical value and is inherently divisive. See all Slave Sermons for many more examples.


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