Al Profit | 60’s and 70’s Race War documentary






Back in the late 1960’s and into the early 70’s the prospects of an actual race war were not too outlandish. Many normal white people actually believed that blacks were inferior to them, and many black people had only interacted with white people in a negative context. Let’s take a look back to see how things used to be and how different they are now. Or are they?

Between October of 1973 and April 1974, San Francisco was hit with a wave of murders eventually dubbed the “Zebra Murders”, there were 14 murders over 2 years.

Around the same time as the Zebra Murders in the Bay Area, there was a similar case in Chicago with the same general contours.

The “Mau-Mau’s”, named after the the Kenyan Freedom fighters against British Colonialists, and suffered the same fate of quick arrest and life prison terms as the “Death Angels” in San Francisco.

In Chicago Black street gangs orchestrated precisely planned ambushes and here is a clip of Gang Lord Jeff Fort actually threatening to kill police at a live press conference, which is pretty shocking.

With more and more black police officers being hired in the big cities, many of the Police being shot were black, so the “race war” was as much black and blue as black and white.

In Detroit, site of the worst riot of the entire era was a hotbed of racial animosity and home to several of the most powerful black militant and separatist groups.

An FBI report I read rated Detroit as the city with the strongest and most violent Black militant movement. In 1969, a group of men from the Republic of New Afrika opened fire on Detroit police outside of a Church.

Detroit circa 1972 was home to the deadliest police unit in the entire country, known as STRESS (Stop Robberies and Enjoy Safe Streets) killed 30 people in 20 months, 29 of them were black.

The violence level in parts of Detroit was so serious that the police had created the Big 4, a tactical unit that rode 4 officers to a car with an extra shotgun in the front and sub-machine gun in the trunk.
In the winter of 1972 three self styled black vigilantes were out robbing drug dens and drug dealers on Detroit’s west side to fund the “movement”. In the course of these robberies 6 Detroit Police were shot, 1 fatally, who had supposedly begged for his life before being hit with a shotgun blast at close range.


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