NEW #ZoWhat | Public Enemy#1-BLACKFACE #1 10-17-16

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#ZoWhatShow exclusively on
“America’s Preferred “FACE” of Violence & Criminality:
A deeper look at the marginalization of White Crimes & VIOLENCE!


Is white criminality marginalized because the image of God & the devil can’t be portrayed as the same color?

True or false?
When white people commit crimes, they don’t get covered as much by news outlets?

Why isn’t the media treating Donald Trump and Bill Cosby being treated the same? Should they be? Is there a difference in their alleged offenses?

After allegedly being “accused” of “sexual-misconduct”, Why is Donald Trump still allowed to RUN for the office of P.O.T.U.S?

Which Race & Gender commits more violent crimes than any other in America?

Is white criminal culture on auto pilot in America?
True or false? White people can attend work or school without their hair texture being subject to dress code policies?

Corporate workplaces, the military, public schools and many other institutions have come under scrutiny for instituting dress codes that discourage or sanction people who wear afros, braids, dreadlocks, or any variety of hairstyles that reflect one’s natural hair texture or cultural methods of upkeep. The policies primarily target black people—and even non-black people of color




The Zo What? Morning Show




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