#SOLUTIONS | 10-10-16 “The Saga Of A Sick Society Continues” Homelessness πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯






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“The Saga of A Sick Society Continues” A deeper look at the Rise of “homelessness” “depression” “domestic violence” & “mental illness” among our Nations forgotten Veterans!!


How many of you have homeless family members?

Do you think the homeless are completely beyond our ability to help?

What are your thoughts on the concept of homelessness being a crime against civilized humanity ?

In what ways are the homeless targeted by police?

Are homeless people subject to police brutality?

What is your response to a grown man, or woman, begging for food?

How close are you right now to being homeless?

How many missed salary payments would it take for you to end up homeless?

How many homeless people used to be successful & well educated?

How many family members or friends would let you stay at their house, and for how long?

Do you feel a sense of disgust or detest the way the homeless, look, sound or behave?

What would a bad divorce, redundancy or severe mental illness do to you?

Are the homeless asking for money because, mainly they only want to buy drugs and/or alcohol?

Do you help them, smile, offer something, anything, buy them food, stay there for a moment and engage in a conversation?

Are you somehow better than the homeless or just better off?

Would you prefer the homeless to be β€˜relocated’ away from your line of sight so that they can also be put out of your mind?

Is staying high on drugs and alcohol a way for the homeless to get through each miserable day?

Are you concerned that their ( homeless people ) craziness, anger or diseases are contagious?

Were the homeless born homeless, addicted or mentally ill?

Do they feel that, homeless people possibly, deserve their predicament?

Could you handle being homeless day after day and keep things together?

Would you smell better, behave better or beg less, than a homeless person does, if you did not have a home to go to for the next four weeks?

Do you have any personal experience of homelessness?

When you see a homeless person, do you look the other way and keep on walking? If so, why?

Do you avoid making eye contact with the homeless?

How big is America’s homeless population?

What is your honest opinion of these people who are teetering on the very edges of our society?

When it comes to the homeless, Is there a sudden selective deafness when you β€œhear”, or don’t, their requests for help?

Is the prevalence of drugs and alcohol among the homelessness population the cause of their homelessness?

What’s different about modern homelessness, and how it has it changed over the last thirty years?

How come we’ve made so little progress in eradicating homelessness?








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