Self Defense Against The Conscious Pimp! 10-3-16

SUBMITTED BY:  @ZoWilliams


Self Defense Against The Conscious Pimp! 10-3-16



#ZoWhatShow exclusively on

The American Gangster, that is Black Consciousness:
“a deeper look at the negative effects of religion and consciousness predators on Black America”

True or false? Master manipulators are fast specialists?

What is emotional Blackmail?

What does it mean when someone is manipulating you?

What makes someone a master manipulator?

True or false? The master manipulator are genius when it comes to manufactured Urgency?

How does one conceal protect/nullify their weaknesses against the master “spiritual” manipulator?

Is the Black consciousness movement riddled with wolves seeking to devour the flock?

True or false?
A true master of manipulation is exceedingly keen in the art of isolation and punishment?

Why do politicians look to co-opt the services of some Black Preachers?

What’s your definition of a Hotep Bro.?

True or false? Master manipulators are masters at Lying about a lie?

Are so called “Hotep Bros.” guilty of using “lost knowledge” as a tool for patting down the pockets of unaware followers?
True or false? Master Manipulators never want to show their cards, they only want you to show yours?

Like in the case of planned parenthood’s Margaret Sanger, are black preachers being used to support the status quo/white-supremacy?

True or False?
The True Manipulator is a master of presenting themselves as a card carrying life time,state & federally licensed “VICTIM”?

A master manipulator will constantly lie about the past causing you to question your own memory?

Why does the preacher have so much power in the black home?

True or false? Master manipulators are great at shifting blame in tiny, yet consistent intervals, expertly convincing those around them that they are innocent?

Why does charismatic speakers have so much sway over the masses?

What is a conscious pimp?








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