[2h]Neely Fuller- Hypocrisy/Sin, Hispanics, Black Females/Abortions, Marathon Sex, Game Of Borders

SUBMITTED BY:  Victor of RWS YouTube Channel



Neely Fuller jr talking live on Talktainment Radio on 27 July 2016 on sin/hypocrisy (false face), deception (hypocrisy), definition of single, emancipation, white people apologizing for racism, addressing hispanics, poor whites, best way to talk about racism, relationships with other Black people, marathon sex, being educated, dred scott decision, boys and girls, Black females, game of borders, the chinese, abortions/prostituion, codify solutions, http://talktainmentradio.com/shows/co… Mr Fuller’s website: http://producejustice.com http://dailymotion.com/VictorOfRWS





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