#FettiSaysYES! 6-13-16 Sustainable Polygamy: Is This The Best Relationship Model 4 The Black Community?





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Sustainable Polygamy:

Should Polygamous relationships be the new social family structure in the black community?

True or false? it was the women of the tribes that invented polygamy, not the men?

Is the Bachelor & bachelorette TV shows, merely a diet version of polygamy and polyandry?

Has the pursuit of monogamy and Prince charming made most women gullible insecure and jealous?

True false? 73 to 93% of all the world cultures have at one point been polygamists?

True or false ? Monogamy as the default relationship standard is only 200 years old?

What is “Sustainable” POLYGAMY?

β€œCan polygamy be a means to economic empowerment for African-Americans?

Why does it seem that a great deal of women appear to be pro homosexual, but ANTI-Polygamy?

True or false? Japan culture switched from polygamy to monogamy in the 1880s?

True or false? Chinese culture switched from polygamy to monogamy in the 1950s?

Is girl on on girl action permitted within poly relationships?

Could the promotion of polygamy be an effective way of also promoting the recycling of black dollars?





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