#RealTalk! Zo What 5/30/16 The Black Civil War Show: Black Folks Vs. Niggaz



ZoWilliams’ new book The Holographic Relationship: A deeper look into the spiritual meaning behind intimate communion




Topic: The Black Civil War show: A deeper look into the war between Black people & Niggaz! WHO’S TO BLAME FOR THE STATE OF BLACK AMERICA?

are upstanding quality black US citizens diet white supremacist?
What’s your definition of a good upstanding BLACK CITIZEN?

Would a Bill Cosby conviction mean the death of the ultimate image of a “so called” good black person?

Would Bill Cosby, then be a nigga by definition? #LawBreaker #PillHuslter


Is the socially affluent, and well educated Black Person immune to affects of/safe from white supremacy?

Is American culture designed to create psychopaths regardless of where they’re reared? ( in affluence or in poverty )
What’s your definition of a black super predator?
Did Chris rock inadvertently rewrite the Willie Lynch letter by crystallizing the differences between classless Niggas and good upstanding black folks?

Should Wealthy black American psychopaths judge/condemn poor or disenfranchised ones?

Why did MLK feel as if he was integrating his people into a burning house?

what is it if anything that makes a black person a nigga?











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