#ZoWhat! 5-23-16 A look at Hollywood’s most popular reality show, politics & the Race for the White House!

SUBMITTED BY:  @ZoWilliams


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On the Next #ZoWhat? show exclusively on
11am PST
True Hollywood LIES: A deeper look into Hollywood’s greatest & most popular reality show… American politics & the Race for the White House!!!


What presidential candidate offers black voters the most in this election?

Who are you
Voting for, and do they have a plan for the pending/planned crash of the dollar?

Whats the difference between pledge delegates and superdelegates?

Should progressives unify with the Democratic Party?

Does a counted Vote, equal a Heard Voice/concern, if so is the governed at large being Heard by the government?

Are American politics scripted in much the same way as VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop?

Is voting & or registering to vote a futile action for Blacks in America?

Is Bernie Sanders a viable political option for Blacks
In America?


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