#ATLANTA 420 | Kris J releases His Sophomore Album, The A.R.T. Project (All Real Thoughts) Hosted by DJ Outta Space

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All Real Thoughts is the sophomore record from Atlanta’s Kris J. With “a project whose sound alternates fluidly between a mix of hip hop, R&B and pop” -Smoking Section, everyone can find their music taste in Kris’ A.R.T


CHECK OUT “Dope Lady” video:



Atlanta artist Kris J releases his sophomore album, The A.R.T. Project (All Real Thoughts) hosted by DJ Outta Space.

With production from in house producer Avery Mcrae, along with 808 Mafia, FaceOnDaBeat, Street Symphony, Tyshane, Tone Legend and SuperMario The A.R.T. Project offers a mixture of hip hop, R&B and pop sounds.

Featured artists you can find on the album include Royce Rizzy, Jade Jones and Ron Shirley.

Lyrically dynamic and fluid as a whole, The A.R.T. Project satisfies a variety of tastes. For the smokers, the album offers singles such as “Dope Lady.” The ladies will gravitate towards “Come Around” and “Follies” while hip hop heads will enjoy the drive-and-vibe flow found in “Tell Me Nothing” and “Airplane Mode”

Check out The A.R.T. Project below, and the accompanying music video to single “Dope Lady” directed by Espy of Archtks.



Kris J is a 25-year-old Columbus, Georgia native, but has called Atlanta home for the past two years. His love for hip hop started at thirteen as he began learning about bars and schemes. After graduating from Bethune-Cookman University in 2013, where he was also a track star, he made the move to Atlanta.

Although Kris J is only on his second album, he has been working steadily to make a name for himself, performing frequently in his city as well as Memphis, Chicago, Birmingham, Austin and many others- building his fan base from his live performances.

Kris’ first single from The A.R.T. Project, “Dope Lady” is currently in rotation on radio stations in Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Murfreesboro and Dayton. It has also just surpassed 12k plays on SoundCloud. His single Live From The Westside has also seen similar success, with over 10K plays on SoundCloud.

Social Media:

Twitter and Instagram: @imkrisj
Facebook: fb.com/imkrisj
Website: imkrisj.co
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/imkrisj
Email: krisjmanagement@gmail.com



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