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Lead single from Sofa Brown & Evan Blocker’s debut album Two Skies.
Produced by Evan Blocker.
Art by DoughJoe.

From The Sound Release

Foreshadowing their highly-anticipated LP Two Skies, Sofa Brown & Evan Blocker proudly present the lead single, Out Here Boys. Cousins from Nashville, Tennessee, these two have garnered a strong reputation for not only their music, but live performance as well.

With Out Here Boys (OHB), produced by Evan Blocker, this duo displays chemistry which could rival an alley-oop to Blake Griffin from Chris Paul. Spitting rapid-fire from front to back, the Brown/Blocker connection flex their muscle by painting such vivid imagery, yet remaining as Hype Williams as the beat is, while tagging in and out of the ring en route to their inevitable victory.

Speaking of Hype Williams, keep an eye out for the Devo B directed video for this one to drop very soon, as well as Two Skies to release at the top of 2016.


Sofa Brown

Twitter: @sofabrown

Instagram: @sofabrown

Evan Blocker

Twitter: @evanblocker

Instagram: @evanblocker





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