Shot by Charles M. Robinson on location in Panama City Beach, Fl, “Reach” is a heartfelt single off the Slimm Body LP. It’s a bittersweet reflection/prediction of his life trials and ambitious aspirations.

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Reach, produced by Roca, is the first single being released off of Slimm Body’s upcoming self titled LP. Capturing the end-of-summer nostalgic feel, director Charles M. Robinson of Northern Lights sets the visual accompaniment in Panama City.

The Slimm Body LP is Slimm’s first official album released under Wholesale Entertainment. Meticulously put together over the course of an entire year, the album is a result of the conjoined efforts of Wholesale Ent.’s roster of artists, producers, and labels contacts. From live instrumentation and singing, to features from a few fellow middle Tennessee artists, the album covers the full spectrum of Slimm Body’s musical diversity. Produced almost in its entirety by Wholesale Ent.’s in-house producer/artist Roca, the shift of hip-hop to street rap flows together with his signature production work.
Other producers on the LP include Nashville producers Drum Major and Ducko Mcfli who recently co-produced Drake’s “Draft Day”. Featured artists you can find on the LP include Dee Goodz, Bezzeled Gang, Roach Killa, Fat Cat, Derek Meler, Chris Moore, Capp & Spudd, and label mates Fresh Legendary & Big Haz.

“Reach” by Slimm Body

Slimm Body is the Owner/CEO of Wholesale Ent., with the typical story of most 80’s babies. Slimm was a victim of circumstance that rose through the ever present drugs and poverty of the ghetto. Following the path of family and friends, as a teen he became engulfed in street life and hustling. After prospering for years, he was sentenced to serve a brief stint in the state penitentiary. Following his release, Slimm founded Wholesale Entertainment. Since then, he’s released six different mixtape projects of his own, “The Life Of A Hustler: Inserts 1,2,& 3”, “For My People 1 & 2”, and “The Whole Team Mixtape.” Whole Ent. also released three additional bodies of work, “Play Loud Afterhours 1 & 2”, and “Humble Homage” for fellow label mates Roca and Lashawn’s Way.

Slimm’s ability to create street music while remaining lyrically dynamic has been his calling card among Nashville artists. Taking pride in his ability to make timeless content, Slimm creates music that can be appreciated by both the hip hop purest, and the trap music fan. He hopes to represent Cashville, Tennessee in dare we say, a new way. His mixtape inserts, and other projects he’s featured, reflect the constant grind to level up, pertaining to all aspects in “The Life of a Hustler”. What he states on tracks are definitely solidified in person, as he writes from personal experiences. He’s on record naming artist such as Scarface, Pimp C, Dip Set, & Jay-Z as his influences.
Wholesale Entertainment
Facebook: WholesaleEntertainment
Twitter: @WholesaleEnt & @WholesaleSlimm
Instagram: @WholesaleSlimm
SoundCloud: Wholesale_Ent
DatPiff: WholesaleEnt
YouTube: WholesaleEntertainme


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