A&R IG: @bkny_stateofmind_14 PRESENTS Lil’ Justen! HAWAII STAND UP!!!

SUBMITTED BY:  A&R Cris @bklynDirtyworks

Lil Justen
Lil Justen

Lil Justen brings a more aggressive approach to the rap industry, ranging from his astonishing metaphorical bars to his direct approach and vulgar way of stating his emotions. He states that “The only way to make them truly listen to you is to say things that make them rewind your track over and over and over again just to understand and meditate on one bar. Once that is achieved it’s on to bar two.” One cannot refute the thought and word play of Lil Justen, he utilizes multiple flows in one verse that makes one ask the question “Wait, he said what? How did he come up with that?” Give him a listen and experience the truth first hand. Not for the weak hearted!Introducing, Justen Jones, a 24 year old rapper and entrepreneur out of Honolulu, Hawaii. Justen goes by Lil Justen aka Tensai and he has taken a more positive direction with his talent than what you may normally see. While others mimic and idolize the current mainstream artists, he takes the underground industry, and instead of compete with it, to use it to influence his own music. In his own words, “I’d rather only allow my music to influence my music”.
Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Lil Justen was no stranger to the streets. Nothing outrageous but as for many black men, it only gets harder the older you get. He started rapping and was first inspired by the hit single “Today Was a Good Day” by Ice Cube at the age of 13. Around the age of 16 he established his own individual musical identity. As he got older, Lil Justen’s craving for finding his identity led him into the world outside of his city. He joined the Navy and his love to write and produce bloomed with every new venture and study.


bad combination


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