“OUTSMART THE EVIL WITH PEACE AND LOVE” Jep Roadie – Static In My Headfones (Prod. by Lee Mims)

SUBMITTED BY:  @PeaceJepRoadie

We are going to overwhelm the world with peace and love. We are going to outsmart the evil. Expose the hatred. Expose the injustice. Pray for those suffering.



I apologize in advance for being kind of long-winded.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. That is the only way to describe the world nowadays. There are major steps forward and major set backs. All with race being at the forefront of most issues. It makes my heart hurt to know that my kids will still have to deal with nonsense because they have more melanin than someone else. It is utterly ridiculous that we as a people cannot get it together. There is no division between race. We are the same. The battle is Good Vs. Evil. When the “race baiting” media reached the masses, I removed myself from the topics (for the most part). I found myself listening to powerful music. I was getting lost in the music. Headphones on, stress lowered. I was searching for the answer to all of our problems in past messages. The answers are there, people just don’t listen nor care to listen. It is up to our generation to create that Utopia. Regardless of whether you sell drugs or if you have a master’s degree. I recently found out my Great Grandfather played in the Negro Leagues. Which validated my inner feeling of belonging to something great. I sometimes get this feeling of having a “greater purpose”. Anyways, he along with countless others, transcended the entire game of baseball. He is one of the reasons I got the chance to even play little league. I can only imagine how many times he was called a “nigger” or something stupid like that. But he must not have given a f*ck because he continued to play for something greater. He must have found solace in other places. The artwork shows him (indicated by arrow) and the team he played for later in his career. Long story short, sometimes we just need to isolate ourselves from the chaos and try to find ways to create a better situation. The immediate responses are fine and good, but this is chess not checkers. Put your headphones on and locate the answers. Locate your purpose. One love.


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