YOU NEED TO CLICK AND DOWNLOAD THIS MIXTAPE NOW! Welcome 2 Englewood 3: The Re-Introduction

SUBMITTED BY:  @JulioEnglewood

JULIO ENGLEWOOD “Just My Thoughts” Shot By Bird’s Eye View Productions

Julio Englewood Takes you on a ride thru his brain and lets the world know his thoughts…

JULIO ENGLEWOOD – Welcome 2 Englewood 3 (The Re-Introduction) mixtape

DOWNLOAD HERE! Welcome 2 Englewood 3: The Re-Introduction


01.   Julio Englewood – Built For War [Prod. By Piff] (3:25)
02.   Julio Englewood – RIIIDE [Prod. by Big Krit] (3:39)
03.  Julio Englewood – F.T.O.S (F*ck Tha Other SIIIDE) (2:39)
04.  Julio Englewood – Pull Up (Feat. Duwop Of CTC Crazy) [Prod. By Hades] (4:38)
05.  Julio Englewood – Just My Thoughts (3:25)
06.  Julio Englewood – We In It [Prod. By Curtis Lamonz] (3:05)
07.  Julio Englewood – Where It’s At (Feat. Co-Still) [Prod. By Piff] (3:01)
08.  Julio Englewood – Been Here (Feat. Griffen) [Prod. By Illmind] (2:18)
09.  Julio Englewood – SouthsIIIde [Prod. By Jay Beatz] (3:31)
10.  Julio Englewood – Found One (Feat. 1L) [Prod. By Dreki] (4:02)
11.  Julio Englewood – Whistle (Feat. Lid Law) [Prod. By Trac Pros] (3:15)
12.  Julio Englewood – Handwriting [Prod. By Big Krit] (3:31)
13.  Julio Englewood – Under Tha Act [Prod. By Trac Pros] (1:30)
14.  Julio Englewood – Cold But Fair [Prod. By Dough From Da Go] (1:52)
15.  Julio Englewood – You Don’t Even Know [Prod. By Tony Baines] (5:55)
16.  Julio Englewood – Rest Up! [Prod. By IGNORVNCE] (2:20)

Click on the link above to download.


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