Brooklyn’s Own #Boom #Trapper is Coming To A City Near You!!! Shameless Plug – Bad Words

SUBMITTED BY:  @Shameless_Plug


Do you miss the real Hip-Hop from the Boom Bap Days?  And are you a fan of Trap Music, Hood Tales and everything authentic from the streets?  If you answered yes to the above questions then you need to fux with Brooklyn’s own Shameless Plug!

This is what you do; follow Shameless Plug and check out his Hip Hop movement online.  After liking what you have just heard, hit Shameless up and let him know that you would like to see him perform in your city.

Shameless Plug offers a breath of fresh air to the otherwise saturated hip-hop scene.  Shameless Plug is a Rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Mr.No Days off NoWeekends has still been on the grind perfecting his craft. Staying busy, Shameless Plug has been penning hooks and concepts on upcoming albums that include Tragedy Khadafi, Mr. Cheeks, Ruste JuXx , Large Professor, M.O.P. & Shabaam Sadheeq just to name a few. Ep dropping real soon! Support indie movements.

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