What’s Kanye West Favorite Song??? You May Be Surprised… [Click Here]

Courtesy of 97.9 The Box

97.9 The Box

kanye-west-getty-6-2014Kanye West is a MEGA star. What do you think his favorite song is? I mean if you check is iTunes playlist what song do you think is on repeat right now??? “Blessings” ft Big Sean & Drake? Maybe “Four Five Seconds” with Rihanna & Paul McCartney? Nope.. His favorite song is “Trap Queen” by new comer Fetty Wap.

When I went to Orlando a few weeks ago, they wouldn’t stop playing “Trap Queen”. I thought maybe I was late. Then I heard Yo Gotti do his remix & I knew he was on his way. Anytime other mainstream artist start using your song, you’re on the way. Check out Fetty Wap’s reaction when he got to rock a show with Kanye. He seems very down to earth.

Check his out on Instagram @FettyWap1738

If you hadn’t checked out his video yet, here you go!!!

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